February 2: So close to seventh heaven

As there's not much on my agenda today apart from learning French, I'll just let you take a peek through the keyhole of the 7 ...

Voilà, the 7

My upstairs room is small (hihi), you already know that! But seriously: 7 may be the smallest studio in the Townhouse, but it's terribly cozy. When I was asked to choose between the 6 and the 7 over two weeks ago, I didn't have to think twice.

I have

  • a small closet for my clothes.
  • a beautiful golden yellow velvet armchair that I never sit on (why not?).
  • a comfy bed that I actually stay in whenever I'm not at the computer. I make this bed every day: firstly, it looks messy otherwise (Muddi doesn't like that), and secondly, I practise fighting with the blanket almost every day ...
  • a sideboard - with a velvet stool underneath (my shelf for the SZ issues I got from home: thanks Martin) and a TV above it.
  • a particularly elegant dark wallpaper with a golden pattern (very 20s, I'd say) on the TV wall.
  • a table (the one with the computer) where I either eat or work (i.e. write).
  • two chairs.
  • a small kitchen with microwave and two hotplates (all already used: I swear!).
  • a tiny bathroom with shower.

When Oliver comes over, he always says that I've made it so pretty. I think that's really sweet. But I admit it: I even decorate the tiniest little room. Because that's how it becomes my little room. So I am ...

... presque au septième ciel!