February 10: Yvette in Japan?

Maybe you're like me: I think January is a lousy month. It drags on forever. It's gray and cold. Can't do anything. February, on the other hand, is always a little more light-footed; sometimes it even has a slight hint of spring in it. And it just skips past in the youthful, fresh steps of the year, the nice short one. A lot of flowery words for a simple fact:

Yvette's got a count!

In fact, Yvette and I only have just under a week left in Trouville. That feels strange, but somehow strangely good. In any case, Astrid Holmes has now found out where Yvette actually comes from: she works as a waitress (but with the famous black skirt and the white frilly pinafore over it) in the BBC Britcom `Allo `Allo! from the 80s. She is just as well known in England as she is in France. Only in Germany was the successful series, which is very much in the Monty Python tradition, not really well received - although it is not just about stupid Germans during the Second World War: here, in a small French village under German occupation, all nationalities are dressed up in the usual cliché costumes. They are all crooks and idiots at the same time. In short: resistance and running gags. Well, and my namesake? I'll just take that as a compliment. I also like Yvette.

And because there's absolutely no transition to the next topic, I'll just save it and tell you about our lovely evening yesterday:

Kristina and Thomas (the nice ones from 2, who are now getting names after all) have invited Carlo, Oliver and me to the Japanese restaurant in Trouville. Sounds kind of weird, doesn't it! But it was a really great experience. Because it's a wonderful place. Modern and stylish, with moderate Asian touches as well as wonderfully wild patterned wallpaper. And because: Quite a surprise for me as a non-fish lover. Because it was simply fantastic food - presented in the most appetizing way on great china (once again I could hardly hold back my twitching long fingers) and really good. Kristina and Thomas know Japanese cuisine and had selected a wonderful assortment of delicacies (I think there were more than seven) for us: Once again, I would like to thank you very much for your generosity and company!

Yes - and because I get all the "Trouvillains" for my blog, I was able to have a quick chat with the patron Tony. He is a good-looking, super-sympathetic gastro guy through and through, has looked at restaurants and kitchens all over the world, put together a great team and only opened Xaka opposite the casino in the summer of 2021 - under the most difficult corona conditions - in a prime location. Originally from the very south, from Bayonne, Tony also fell in love with Trouville and teamed up with the son of one of the big fishmongers from the market. A good idea and a good alliance. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for many happy guests who will appreciate your food as much as we do! That was nice:


Yvette en Japon!